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ITEAHub MeetUp: The Key skills IT professionals will need for the future

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Виберіть кількість квитків, що ви бажаєте придбати
Квитки на захід "ITEAHub MeetUp: The Key skills IT professionals will need for the future" (15-04-2019 – 15-04-2019)
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If nothing stops IT-professionals, they can develop technologies which will make a technical revolution or will destroy the creators. We can not say for sure, but one thing will happen without any doubts — in the near future companies will need absolutely different specialists. Not “better” оr “more professional”.

Just different.

We have asked Daniel Lewis to tell us about Human/Machine collaboration, most important findings for IT professionals and look at key skills they will need to navigate into the future successfully. He will also look at ways in which these new skills can be best developed. There will be a presentation, discussion and an opportunity to conduct a practical sample of self-assessment.

You should visit this event if you are Team Lead, QA Lead, Project Lead, Ambitious Developer or IT Learning and Development professional.


Daniel Lewis — over 30 years’ experienced specialist in Management and is a visiting lecturer for the LvBS Master’s degree in Technology Management. He is Managing Partner of Bright Leadership (based in UK and Ukraine) — a Company which specializes in successfully developing people leadership skills. Daniel is a co-author of the Lead-IT program, a five-day program specifically designed to add people skills to Team/Tech/QC and Project Leads in IT.

Event details

Date — April, 15th

Time — 19.00-21.00

Cost — 200 UAH

Language — English

15 квітня 2019
початок о 19:00
ITEA Hub, вулиця Героїв УПА 80, Львів
Україна, Львів
вулиця Героїв УПА 80


096 191 51 94